Carefully chosen by our architects, the materials, finishings and amenities you will find in your future apartment in ONE66 are designed to meet the most demanding expectations.

General technical specifications

Y-tong Silka brickwork

High-class concrete steel, B500C (iron with the best ductility of 7.5%), coupled with couplings

Ventilated facade with composite stone on metal structure with basalt wool + waterproofing

External insulation – basalt wool

16 mm duplex glass railings, height = 110 cm

VIMAR video-interphone access system

Vimar electrical works

OTIS elevators

Reynaers aluminium joinery with low-e thermal insulating triple glazing, heat transfer coefficient U=0.9W/m2K

OVENTROP underfloor heating system

Large size triple low-e windows

Viessmann heating unit, 3 units of 1950 KW each, which will run in cascading order

Aparthotel in ansamblul rezidential ONE66 - Central Residence Brasov

OTIS elevators

The world leader in the field, OTIS is the inventor of the concept of safe vertical transport. The ONE66 elevators move at 1.75 m/s (compared to 1 m/s of regular elevators) and have a carrying payload of 675 kg (compared to 400 kg of regular elevators).

High rooms

In ONE66, the apartments have a height of 285 cm (compared to 250 cm on average in other apartments).

Premium apartments finishings

Pinum Nusco 8 armoured entrance door

Pinum Filomuro interior doors

Triple layer Krono hardwood floors

Walls – Betek washable paint

Ceiling profiles + spotlights

Windows with double glazing and aluminium carpentry – Reynaers

Oventrop floor heating

Dalet sanitary appliances

Kitchen tiles Spain

Bathroom tiles Spain

Wallpaper on hallway wall and hallway doors

Dalet bathroom mirror

Deck terrace

Finishings of Elevated Experience apartments

Discover a universe of superior refinement in our Elevated Experience apartments. These units include the finishings described at Premium appartments, but have in addition:

* Barausse Italy interior doors

* Triple layer Chevron hardwood floors

Vimar smart home

Daikin air conditioning

Orac Smart Decor ceiling profiles

Orac Smart Decor baseboard

Wall decorations

* facilities different from Premium Apartments